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About us

About Deposix

Legal know-how, excellent IT-expertise, well-known international clients


Deposix Software Escrow GmbH


Based in Munich, Stephan Peters founded Deposix in 2002. Our branch office is located in San Diego/California. Deposix operates internationally as a software escrow agent.


We specialize in a professional fiduciary deposit of Intellectual Property and act as a reliable and independent trustee between right holders (licensors) and right users (licensee).


Deposix provides their customers with an integrated and seamless escrow process, which covers a variety of services from contract management to regular updates of the deposited data. We may also conduct a technical verification of the material and prepare a technical assessment to guarantee the quality and integrity of the data.


Legal know-how - excellent IT expertise


Deposix works with a variety of different clients: Software manufacturers, rights holders, IT consultants, and users of business-critical data in general. They all benefit from our profound legal know-how and our excellent IT-expertise, independent from their size and industry.


Apart from a precise contractual handling of the deposits incl. regular updates, we also offer a technical verification. This means that we inspect and analyze the deposited material in detail.


The licensee obtains more security for their business-critical data and applications and the protection of their IT investments.


The licensor can protect his Intellectual Property and receives a short assessment that will prove the quality and integrity of the deposited data to his client.

Well-known clients around the world


Today, well-known clients from almost 40 countries put their trust in our escrow services and technical assessments – among them CA (Computer Associates), Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Post, Honda, HP, IBM, Philip Morris, SAP, and Südzucker. Beyond that, well-known lawyers and law firms count on our well-developed and customizable escrow contracts.