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EVB-IT system contracts & escrow

EVB-IT system contracts & Escrow

The German EVB-IT system contracts are often referred to as “the public authorities’ terms and conditions”. They contain an optional arrangement for source code deposit (software escrow).


EVB-IT system contracts & Escrow

Above mentioned arrangement was added to the “complementing contract terms for developing IT systems“ (dt. „Ergänzende Vertragsbedingungen für die Erstellung von IT-Systemen“) in 2007.


For a model contract as well as further information regarding escrow services and EVB-IT, please click on the links below (German only):


1. comprehensive definition of EVB-IT systems on Wikipedia.


2.  website of the federal government representatives for information technology for


3. Website of OSE (Organisation pro Software Escrow e.V.)


4. Ein Artikel vom November 2007: Behörden können Software Escrow fordern.


Contractors (licensors) are only obligated to make an escrow agreement if a client (licensee) uses the EVB-IT systems for his public tender and chooses the option “software escrow”, or if any other relevant obligations exist between the contracting parties.


Above that, the licensor can always choose to offer or use escrow to promote his credibility and to stand out from their competitors on the market.