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Our Escrow contracts

Our contracts form the foundation of our services. For this reason, we have enhanced them for almost 20 years. Lawyers of leading international companies like SAP, Allianz, Siemens, Deutsche Bank etc. have inspected and used them with great satisfaction.

The following types of contract can be adapted to your requirements:

  • Individual contract (TRE): One software producer, one software, one client/user

  • License provider master agreement (TTD): One software producer, one software, any number of clients/users

  • “Multi” license provider master agreement (MLT): One software producer, any number of software products, any number of clients/users per software product

  • License holder master agreement (TTL): Any number of software producers, one software product per producer, one client/user

  • Escrow contract cloud services (SaaS/AaaS)

  • Escrow contract data & documents

  • Escrow contract keys

Your demands determine the contracts’ form and adjustments:

Deposix complies with your requirements without any extra charge. This applies to language, national law, place of jurisdiction, terms of release, or place of deposition.


We offer a professional and established contract management. You can completely rely on our experience and expertise.

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