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Digital escrow management

Our professional and established contract management comprises:


  • Deposition contracts that have been created by specialists.

  • Conduction of a comprehensive initial inspection as of the first deposit. Moreover, further inspections will accompany every update.

  • Highest safety standards applied to the deposit opening and subsequent deposit. These standards (e.g. we forego using safe deposit boxes as repository) comply with the official guidelines of the Association of Indemnity Insurers. This also includes a strict separation of process monitoring and physical deposit in environments similar to data centers.

  • Management of the deposited material incl. version control and full audit trail.

  • Delivery of a deposit statement subsequent to every update – at least once a year.

  • Disclosure procedures when necessary and provision of active and neutral support if the contracting parties are at odds.

Our customers benefit from a full escrow management when they decide on depositing their data with us.


Comprehensive initial inspection:

Our service offer includes a comprehensive initial inspection, which is already covered by the annual fee. Along with this, we…


  • …will check that that the material is physically intact and free from viruses.

  • …will unpack and decode the deposited material and test passwords, encoding keys, and the readability.

  • …will run an integrity test to check whether data and components comply with the inventory list. Should we find that the material is incomplete, we will consult with our clients promptly.

  • …will ensure a minimum amount of documentation.

  • Interne Protokollierung aller Einzelschritte und Erstellung eines offiziellen Depotauszugs an alle involvierten Parteien

  • …will update the material on a regular basis.

Deposix inquires on a regular basis, whether the deposited data is up to date. We make sure that the deposited material corresponds to the version that is used by the licensee. Therefore, up to three additional updates are included in the first contract year and up to four updates as of the second year.

You prefer development platforms for your deposit?


We want to make depositing and updating data as convenient as possible for our clients. Therefore, we support (apart from standards as DVD, sFTP, etc.) data transmission via development platforms, i.a.:

  • GitHub

  • GitLab

  • Bitbucket

  • dockerhub

  • AWS

  • Azure


You cannot find the development platform you would prefer? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to adapt to your requirements.